Did you know that 96% of murderers are men? Or that more than 75% of all caregivers in the USA are female? Both violence and caregiving are learned sk...View Details

There has been a significant increase in both the quantity and severity of domestic abuse since the coronavirus and quarantine began. Activist Lauren ...View Details

Mady is joined by Brigitte Cutshall to talk about how to succeed in male dominated careers.Male-dominated industries often reinforce masculine stereot...View Details

Mady is joined by Brittney Herman, founder of We Will Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing sexual assault and supporting su...View Details

Did you know that there has not been a law passed to regulate the cosmetic industry in the U.S. since 1938? Mady is joined by entrepreneur, podcaster,...View Details

At some point in their life, everyone will know someone with a child in the NICU. Kayleon Dortch-Elliot joins Mady this week to share her experience a...View Details

Jessica Ping returns to the pod to discuss how media's current representation of the female body is especially damaging for members of the disabled co...View Details

Mady interviews Jessica Ping about her journey to finding her voice as a disabled woman. Jess is a disability advocate who is using writing to spark c...View Details

Rosalind Franklin made one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time - so how come I only learned her name last month? Check out this e...View Details

This week's mini episode continues a re-telling of women's stories from history. Anna Wong was the first Chinese American film star. She overcame many...View Details

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