Mady interviews Jessica Ping about her journey to finding her voice as a disabled woman. Jess is a disability advocate who is using writing to spark c...View Details

Rosalind Franklin made one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time - so how come I only learned her name last month? Check out this e...View Details

This week's mini episode continues a re-telling of women's stories from history. Anna Wong was the first Chinese American film star. She overcame many...View Details

In this mini episode, Mady talks about how history has done an injustice to many women who are either misrepresented by history, or whose stories were...View Details

Becca Hay gives her tips and tricks for staying emotionally and physically safe while navigating the online dating experience.   https://shoutingabout...View Details

Ever wondered why women have Miss, Mrs, and Ms when men only have Mr? Or have you ever had that awkward moment when a nurse says, "The doctor will see...View Details

Emily Pifer joins Mady to discuss the women's issues that come up in Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover in this book club discussion episode. Some of...View Details

What is the real reason behind why you exercise? To look good in a bikini? To fit into your jeans? Or to tap into the privilege that comes from being ...View Details

Hannah talks about life as a professional dancer - including the strict physical appearance requirements and the rules dancers must follow. She also t...View Details

Chivalry and Feminism

In this first ever blogcast episode, Mady shares the info found in her blog article, "Chivalry and Feminism." Mady adds her two cents to this ongoing ...View Details

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